In this journey, you will embark on a process of self-discovery as you develop a greater sense of bodily self-awareness, deepen your connection to nature and become inspired to live in a state of constant revitalization, nomadically & sustainably all while having fun, love, light, and delight. Immerse yourself in an experience of movement & self-care classes such as natural, flying & tantra yoga, taichi, qigong, slack line, flow arts & bodywork. Discover your life purpose and how to put it into action. Learn how to make your own healing foods, elixirs, and concoctions to bring yourself and your family into a state of boundless vitality. Connect with nature and know what it takes to live in harmony with her as you break free from the shackles of time. Be inspired to live more freely and playfully.

Cost: $300 early bird (6/21), then $325 

Meet The Team:  
Angie Rainbow G – Regenerative Lifestylist, Yoga teacher, Permaculture Designer, Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner, Natural Movement Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Herbalist, Plant Spirit Seeker Of Indigenous Shamanic Traditions, Lover Of The Goddess School Of Mysteries, Tantric Teachings Of Sacred Union Divine Feminine & Masculine.  
Ever Pineda: Senior Instructor for Qi Alchemy Loft. Ever has been practicing Internal WaLu Gong Fu for 13 years now. Former senior student of Ray Hager, founder of & Senior Combat Conditioning Instructor for the Chinese Boxing Institute International,CBII. Registered Massage Therapist.  
Benjamin Prows: – Circus pirate, world traveler, van lifer, flow artist, street performer, original creator of the mystery circus tarot deck & readings. Massage Therapist by trade & Pirate of fun by choice, living life to the fullest, making history.