Chicks arrive as spring departs

Posted May 20th, 2006


We haven�t seen our oompa-loompas in days now, and we strongly suspect them to be draining our duck pond, whose water level has sunk drastically since we last saw their silly hats among the palmettos. The spring is about to leave us and make place for the summer, and 25 baby chicks arrived in a box. Fed by the hippies, they grow larger for each day. With the spring departure the Swed goes back to Sweden and our manager Mark hits the road again. The old management-couple Nikki and Jeremy is rounding up with Mikey to co-manage our beautiful Hostel-home.

The Dragons Lair has got a new suit, tailor made from Sweden in black screen, and we�re gathering forces for our Artist retreat, bringing here skilled hands and open minds from all over the country; come join us!

The world is passing by slowly from our front porch; one night we changed scene and went for barbeque on Jekyll Island; among the crazy trees a man walked his baby Canadian goose; later the tide came all the way from Morocco and swept our fire away. We left the fancy resort-streets and the luring casino-boat outside Georgia�s coastal border, upon returning to our forest the comfort of fireflies walked us back to bed, awaiting a new day.


Singing in the Rain

Posted May 11th, 2006

Even through the rain, these last few days here at the Hostel in the Forest, the sweet smell of Jasmine growing on the Oak in front of the domes is permeating. The baby chicken born recently was named Chic Nugget but has also not been seen the last few days. On the up side, another chicken has been roosting on 13 eggs so we may have a few more range hens on the way, alongside of quite a few that we had ordered. By June this place may be crowded with delightful little chicks.

As for the hostel staff, even in the relaxing rain, reading books, and storm watching, we have been as busy as bees. The garden has just been completely cleaned and is bursting with the fruits of our labor. The compost revolution has made further progress, and we have been planning out the upcoming retreat. We will be having all sorts of events ranging from drumming and body art to writing and performance. We even have Murray taking us back 25 years to discuss and listen to audio recordings made here 25 years ago along with other Coastal Georgia slave songs and shouts.

Looking forward to seeing you there�

May the Forest be with You,