New home for the chickens...

Posted June 20th, 2006

Well the hens and the baby chics are delighted to inform you that the brand new coop is finally done! We at the hostel would like to thank everyone who helped with the construction process, especially Dillon and Benjamin for their drive and effort

Things are moving along at a pleasant summer pace here. The heat has its days and the bugs are still at a minimum due to a bit of a drought in the area. Although the mosquitos are quite an annoyance, rain would be great for the wild life here in the forest. Maybe our readers could do a bit of a rain dance for us. The Hostel’s 31st Birthday is quickly aproaching, and we look forward to the celebration. Hope to see you there!

May the Forest be with You…

The Hostel Team

Rain... finally rain.

Posted June 13th, 2006

Finally rain. Alberto is a bringer of much needed moisture to the drought filled wet lands here at the hostel. The lowering water level of the duckpond is finally getting a quenching, and the veggies and flowers will only further explode. The cool weather and the warm lake are an excellent combination, especially for a night swim. We are greatful for our newest team member here, Chandel, hailing from Manitoba, Canada. Chandel joins us after spending the last month bicycling between organic farms with our old gardener friend Mike Joe. Hostel life has been peaceful this week, and we are hoping to finish the chicken coop very soon. Still no range hen hatchlings but the baby chics we have are doing well. Be well readers, and may the forest be with you…

Mikey, Nikki and Jeremy

News from the Forest

Posted June 7th, 2006

The hostel has been quite busy lately. The Artists Retreat went without a hitch and we would like to thank all of our participants, and especially the workshop leaders. We learned a lot here in one weekend, everything from the importance of dance in the spirit and as a form of release, all the way to the value and health benefits of Kimchi. The reading/performance of Neil Simon’s “The Good Doctor” was a lively event and with all the positive feedback we hope to have more performances in the future. We have seen some big changes at the hostel as well. It was a sad and yet fun filled day, celebrating Anneli, and Mark’s departures from the Hostel. We were also saying goodbye to our friend Tannas, who had stopped in for the retreat weekend. We would like to thank them all for their dedication and hard work that they put forth here and we look forward to their return. Jeremy, Nikki and I have taken over as the new management team here and despite the unorthadox nature of three managers, we are excited and confident of our future plans here in the forrest. In the world of the Chickens, I am happy to report that our baby chics have already more than tripled in size and will be moved to our new chicken coop as soon as it is finished. That’s right, you read correctly, a new chicken house! Thanks to our friend Dillon we are in the process of building a new coop, or “The Aviary”. It will not only house our babies, but our old schoolers as well, and maybe, just maybe, some of the range hen chics that are currently being roosted. For more on the eggsitting hen and the coop developments stay tuned… and may the forest be with you!

Mikey, Nikki and Jeremy