News From The Forest

Posted August 29th, 2006

Hey hostelers,

We have had a lot of fun this last week seeing old managers, staff members and friends, but we are currently buzzing like bees to prepare for the Mind, Body and Spirit Retreat Weekend. We had some cancellations and still have two more spots open so call as soon as possible to join in the festivities.

We also have been blessed with an abundance of fruit from our freind and vet Dr. Rick, so the hostel has taken to making jam. We will be serving it at the retreat and likely for a while afterword.

We have had a ferral dog recently get off with yet another young chick. I am sorry to say to those of you that loved her so, Oz/Chicken Hawk is no longer with us. I chased the beast off myself but it got away. We are currently trying to figure out a better way to protect our chickens… we will see what that involves soon.

Until next time friends.

Mikey and the Hostel Staff

Buried Treasures

Posted August 21st, 2006

Well the last few days have been fun with former staff members gracing us with their presence. Our friend Sam stopped by and former manager Travis is here right now. We are also excited to welcom back Luke to the staff. With all the incomings we regret to inform you our dear friend and treasured staff member, Lacey, will be departing on Thursday to prepare for her bike journey through the US. Good luck Lacey, and thank you for your time and dedication, you will be deeply missed.

On a different note, our very own Kyle has found a buried treasure in the Duck Pond. While playing around on the raft Kyle spotted something on the pond floor. Upon further inspection and a bit of labor, he unearthed a blue, white and gold fish themed vase, filled with rocks, shells, metal trinkets and a sugar bowl. It was very exciting.

Well until next time friends, may the forest be with you

The Hostel Staff

Summer Rain

Posted August 17th, 2006

Last week the Hostel finally had a good two day rain. It has drizzled a few times since then. We apreciate the rain we have had so far but are very hopeful for more to quench this long standing drought.

Last night the staff and guests made our monthly trek out to Jekyl Island to sit amongst the grand Live Oak carcasses and to stare upon the Milky Way. The moon was late to rise, and the stars looked absolutely brilliant. We Bar-B-Qued up some black bean burgers and some Ka-bobs, whilst sitting around a fire laughing and telling stories. We are blessed to have such an awe inspiring beach so so near to us.

The retreat is growing ever closer and we only have a few spots left for the weekend. If you are still ineterested call us soon to make a reservation!

The Hostel in the Forest is also very excited to anounce that we have been invited to speak at the Bioneers South Eastern Forum, to be held in Atlanta this October. The Bioneers are a group of people that are working together to heal the earth and nature with its own resources. If you are interested in learning more check out their website. More on the conference as the time grows closer…

For now hostellers, we are off.

May the Forest be with You.

Mikey and the crew

The Dog Days of Summer

Posted August 6th, 2006

I apologize, dear hostelers and readers of the update, for in the daily hustle and bustle of hostel living, I have simply forgotten to keep our avid readers informed on our recent events.

We have been working through the summer heat to keep our gardens happy. The vegitable garden has hit its peak of the season and is on its way out but the flower garden is radiant.

This year’s Labor Day retreat is growing nearer every day and will be themed Mind Body and Spirit. We will have workshops, events and even a canoe race. Spaces for the weekend will be limited so call and book yourselves before its too late. Our dear friends Nikki and Jeremy have gone off into the big world to partake in the adventures of travel. During their road trip they will be working with other communities, going to concerts and camping in beautiful parks. We wish them well here at the hostel, and await their return.

In the land of the chicken there is a note of sadness as our oldest chicken, Grandma has passed on. In her wake, we are happy to say, is a new chicken era. The baby chicks are now almost full grown and have taken to their pecking order. Now the chickens that were once the young ones are now the seniors in the group. How the circle continues…

Thanks for checking in on us and i will keep you all updated as new and exciting things happen…

Mikey and the Crew…