Weekly Update

Posted December 29th, 2007

The Forest’s silhouette contrasted dramatically with the full moon illuminated sky, as Tasha drove onwards into her next era of life. Trey, our retiring kitchen manager, created the most decadent chocolate eight-layer celebration cake as the deliciously nutritious grand finale dessert. The following morning he was heard whistling, while setting off towards upcoming adventures. We are very much grateful for their energy contributed and love shared here. From revolutionizing processes, spreading laughter with their enticing humor, and all sorts in between, Tasha and Trey most definitely left an inspiring impression amongst this space and this collective and we are all so sorry to see them go. Thank you, thank you.

Following the Dome Celebration on January 6th, the Hostel will be closed January 7th thru 14th for construction. The projects will extend beyond these days, so we are asking parents to explore elsewhere with their lil ones during the entire month. Furthermore, we have begun accepting reservations for our next sweat lodge on Tuesday, January 22nd. Please remember that we ask all participants to check-in the day before the actual sweat.

Until next time…

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Update 12-10-2007

Posted December 10th, 2007

This week at the Hostel we were privileged to have the company of two very interesting and educational traveling tours, The BioTour and The Travelin’ Medicine Show. Both were nice enough to give workshops to the guests lucky enough to be here this week, and they helped out around the Hostel while they were staying here. Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge with us and with all help.

The BioTour’s mission aims to enliven the Sustainability Movement while exploring the depths of America—the people, land, and cultures. BioTour addresses the vital issues of climate change, environmental degradation, and peak oil while presenting pathways toward sustainability in renewable energy, active democracy, and understanding the interconnectedness of all living things. To learn more about them and their mission check them out here.

As for The Travelin’ Medicine Show their sing-a-longs of peace, social justice, and inspiration was a heartfelt gathering around the fire pit that lead to conversations of many topics for hours after ward. Their presence while here was a wonderful way to teach-by-being, showing compassionate and nonviolent communication. They also offered Reiki to the staff and guests and Meditation was held several mornings in the glasshouse.

The month of December so far has been filled with fun Hostel family visits just like anticipated and were already getting reservations for next month, so we would just like people to be aware that the month of January will be filled with big repairs happening at the Hostel. The second week in January we will be closed Also, through out the whole month of January we’re asking parents not to make reservations with their little ones.

Until next time…

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 12-3-2007

Posted December 3rd, 2007

The end of November was a full and quick moving week here at the Hostel. Trey held a Pita Workshop in the Kitchen one night while we all sat around enjoying the bread and the kitchen atmosphere with our dinner meal. Guests have been spending a lot of time around the fire pit during the nights with the winter chill moving in, so that had the staff motivated to fix the wood burning stove in the common room. Now we can also cozy up on the couches inside the dome while also sipping on warm herbal teas heated on the stove top.

Erin’s birthday was a beautiful celebration of all things wonderful and Erin-like. Thanks for sharing your day with us Erin, it was fun to watch your light shine and spread to all those around you!

Tom’s third book Born a Ramblin’ Man is now published. Anyone interested in sharing in some of Tom’s funniest, riskiest, and most embarrassing true stories should visit Born a Ramblin’ Man to order a book, or you can also pick one of them up here at the Hostel.

Sean who had been here with us at the Hostel for the past two months has moved on from the forest to start new adventures in his life, we wish him good luck and safe travels along the way.

The month of December seems to be filled with lots of exciting winter cheer, no parties planned for the holidays, but we already have so many Hostel family members and friends expected to drop in and that the fun will be sure to follow.

We can’t wait to see everyone and look forward to the new month.

Until next time….

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff