This Week at the Hostel

Posted February 19th, 2007

This week at The Hostel, we spent much of our time finishing projects and cleaning house. Teepee poles are up at the lake and the growth of old blackberries have been shaved down. So new growth will be teeming with fruit in the spring of 08, and by then the new fruit orchard out there will be starting to hold its own shade. The blue berry briars are being mulched, the goats are clearing fresh space.

Our weekend saw many friendly faces, many eager to learn about sustainability practices. Ken, the well seasoned kitchen Chef led a sustainable kitchen workshop focused on our cob oven on Saturday. Sunday followed up with Edible Forest Gardening, in which our garden guru, Jeremy, both taught and shared ideas for future hostel goals in this practice.

Finally, we say farewell to a dear friend as he journeys on. We wish you well Luke, thanks for all you have done… we await seeing you next

May the Forest Be with You The Hostel Crew


Posted February 12th, 2007

Hey Ya’ll! Not too much has been going on since the last update. Luke did teach a few workshoppers about the the Hostels new Fungus Growing Log on Saturday. He explained to us just how simple it is to grow our own gourmet mushrooms. Our projects have been wrapped up, and We have started planning some new ones. We will be wrapping our shower tanks with insulation, as it was one recomendation from the Southface group. We are also planning to do a huge light bulb switch over in the coming months. We will be switching out from regular light bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs like LED and compact flourescents. Any donations of such bulbs would be greatly apreciated.

We have been visited recently by our former manager Mark Garner, and hearing about his future endeavors in green living. He and Mattchew had gone to a Green Building Seminar with Murray on Saturday in Savannah. They said that Robert Kennedy Jr spoke, and recieved a standing ovation on his words about our environment and the prospects of a green economy. We would also like to thank Mattchew for all his hard work and his years of dedication to us here at The Hostel. Tomorrow he takes off for new adventures, and we wish him well in all he does.

Thats it for now folks stay tuned…

May the Forest Be with You

The Hostel Team