Weekly Update 11-25-2008

Posted November 25th, 2008

We’ve been treated to the joy of having many visitors from all over the world this past week. It feels great to having our thoughts opened up to various enlightening views from all over…from Ireland to New Zealand, Belgium to Greece, Peru to Canada…its been wonderful! We also hosted a few families recently, adding the beautiful energy of youth into our mix.

The gardens continue to grow, with the addition of a few new fruit trees, and salad greens entering adolescent state. As we continue the sweet-potato-athon, we’ve also been continuing to harvest jalapeƱo peppers, cayenne, bell peppers and lemons. We’ve had frost several times already, which has killed off much of the summer and fall plants, but has sweetened up our pineapple sage bushes nicely (they taste like candy!).

The culprit of the duck deaths has been identified…an owl was caught near the coop with a dead chicken in its grip. Rest in peace, tiny dancer. The owl was caught and then released early in the morning. A few days later, a possum snuck into the coop, and after outing it, we spent some time rumaging through the forest catching scattered chickens. The only loss of this attack was a lone egg (and a scared werewolf).

We also said goodbye to our dear Peaches, who took off after a solid eight months of work here at the hostel. With Katelyn having left, and Katie on vacation, theres plenty of work to be done!

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 11-17-2008

Posted November 17th, 2008

The bright and shiney moon issued in another round of sitting in the mud and sweating for us here at the hostel. The lodge was well filled and attended, with folks from as far away as Montana and New Hampshire. Our own Mike Joe Jones led the event, poring in the heat.

We had the privilege of another amazing band, this one a group out of New York, by the name of the Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad. Showing up late on Sunday night, they entertained anyone able to stay up by jamming out at the fireside.

Baby arugula are popping there heads in the garden, and sweet potatoes are continuing to emerge. We’re looking forward to harvesting some root crops soon….horray!

And now…Hostel Pirates invade Savannah!

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 11-10-2008

Posted November 10th, 2008

This past week in the Hostel, we were treated to some magical musical marvelosity. Four beautiful musicians came and joined us, recording music in the glass house and entertaining us by the fireside. Jason Choen, Eric Freeman, Brighthawk, Brighthawk Hynes, and Chris Baum performed their own unique, uplifting, spiritual dance for us while we sat and breathed it all in. Thank you so much guys, for blessing us with your presence.

An old staffer Jessie also helped with openning us up at the glasshouse, by leading in a long and wonderful yoga session. Huzzah!

And much thanks to the aformentioned fire of the ‘fireside performance’. Its been getting a bit chilly here, so the firepit has been in near constant use, eating up the fallen trees collected by Kenny and Koaliani. Luckily, we all love to cuddle, so human heaters abound.

We’re also enjoying the literal fruits of our labours. The sour orange tree in the garden is dropping sour spots of love all over, the tangelo tree is covered in ripening fruit, and figs and cumquats are getting ready to be chomped. Mike Joe has been throwing lots of love into the lake garden orchard. With occasional belp from everyone willing, the area has been cleaned up, trees have been transplanted, and a dedicated watering cycle has been maintained. The lake orchard is looking great, and will be perhaps be recieving more trees soon!

The cute little ducklings of last weeks update have planned and orcastrated out a bit of a jailbreak! The now-toddler ducks have braved the new world on their own, and are swimming happily around the duckpond.

And to help out our hippie feet, Wade and Nick have been using the donated flagstones to replace a rotted out section of pathway near the main showerhouse. The old logs there started to crumble to mulch, and are now being replaced by fancy stonework. In a simular garden project, a shed floor is being constructed with salvaged concrete bricks.

As always, thanks to everyone throwing their love into this place! Come visit us, bring a blanket and eat some sweet potatoes!

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 11-06-2008

Posted November 6th, 2008

On October 24th, 25th, and 26th, the Hostel held its health and wellness retreat. We had a Yoga session Saturday morning, led by Kate, followed by a reiki Informational session and attunement by Abraham Street. Sunday, Lisa Remy started the day off with a second Yoga session, and followed that with an informational meeting on ayurvedic healing. We also had daily brunches, prepared by Eric Woodell, and had a impromptu class by Elton Graunyard teaching how to purchase and prepare home-roasted coffee. Thanks to all for the interesting and informative sessions!

Halloween and Guy Fawkes day both went by in a way befitting the Hostel, in a fun and peaceful way. Much thanks to all of those that helped during the holidays, from every happy guest

Two old Hostel family also stopped by, Dio and Laa. While here, they helped out all over the Hostel, building dream catchers, preparing food for all present, and entertaining us with fire tricks around the back firepit. Kenny the clown also stopped by, joining the show by juggling fire. Kenny also donated an industrial-strength wheelbarrow to the hostel. Thanks all!

We have also been joined by four cute-as-can-be wild little ducklings! We were unaware that there was even a nesting mother duck, let alone babies, until we saw momma duck and her legions waddling by! After some controversy, the babes were placed in protective custody, and are doing very well. They’ve grown huge under the wing of mother Wade and fellow duck-tenders!

The gardens continue to develop beautifully, if a bit behind schedule. Root crops and Kale are peeking out their little green heads out of the earth. Much of the garden has been weeded and prepped for the next round of planting. The sour orange tree in the garden is overflowing, and we are continuing to eat wonderful, Hostel-grown sweet potatoes with every meal. And, to add more spice to the Hostel diners, Shittake mushrooms are being harvested from the mushroom logs!

Thanks, as always, for each and every effort that you all throw our way. This place could not be the wonderful world that it is without all of your efforts!

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff