Weekly Update 12-22-2008

Posted December 23rd, 2008

This last week at the hostel was full of magical impromptu workshops, with guests from all over sharing their talents and loves. A gentleman from Amsterdam, Jan Per Brugge, showed up with a collection of Swedish made carving tools. Jan was here visiting the states, taking a course on how to create hand-carved chairs. He lead us in a glorious spoon-making workshop, and donated some of his own tools! Koalani and Ken also shared with us, teaching several of our guests how to make dream-catcher Christmas ornaments.

Last night, a Japenese couple by the name of Inugi joined us. Coming in from Michigan, they brought their telescopes and binoculars, and set them out at the lake. They showed us binary stars, baby-star-factories, and all sorts of the cosmic magic.

Our own Nikki and Jeremy returned for a moment, and helped to plant yet more fruit trees around the garden. compainion cover crops around their bases. Humanure has been spread by the bomb-gardeners!

The temperatures continue to drop, but our spirits continue to soar. We’re getting geared up for the holidays and our new years celebration. Werewolves are dispensing hugs, paths are being laid, and we continue to thank the universe for all it’s blessings!

Weekly Update 12-15-2008

Posted December 15th, 2008

We’ve been dancing with the limited use of “modern conveniences” lately. Electrical work has been underway and our water system was also on the fritz, due to several damaged pieces of the pump. Both are back to being up-and-running, with lots of hard work involved.

We were graced by another round of showers, as well as a beautiful full moon sweatlodge. There were many first-time sweaters, lead by Tom pouring the lodge and our manager, Ko’alani, tending to the fire. Everyone made it safe and sound, and not even the lycanthropy infection in the staff could stop the blessed event.

Several floridian guests gifted us with Tangerines, fresh picked in the wild! These helped to compliment our sour oranges and dwindling Tangelo stocks. Several more rogue fruit trees were transplanted around the lake, adding to the fruit love.

Our Belgiuan friends, Hannes and Karen, left us to travel after the sweat. Good luck you guys, thanks for everything!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 12-08-2008

Posted December 8th, 2008

While it is not raining in the literal sense of the word, the trees at the Hostel are raining beautiful leaves down on us. At any given point of the day, one can walk the paths here and be witness to a beautiful cascade of forest love. Needless to say, theres wonderful views and lots of raking to be done!

Despite the outside cluder, much cleaning and organizing is being doine. The more funky of our pillows have been repaired and replaced, labryith reconstruction continues with much help, and the screen porch has been made spotless. The stone path behind the church bathroom has been relayed (expect a semi-humorous video of the process to follow), and the view to the duck pond has been cleared.

Our international parade marches on, with guests this week from Japan, China, and India. We were also treated to a couple amazing dishes for our gastronomical pleasure. We had local, southern delicacies prepared for us. Grayson Powell brought some fresh deer with him from Cumberland Island, Bernie Copp prepared a massive and delicious Low Country Boil, and Tom came and graced us with an equally massive southern-style breakfast.

Greens continue to sprout in the garden, despite the cold weather. We have arugula everywhere, and our planted onions are poking their heads out. Kumquats are appearing near the glass house, and we made juice out of our sour oranges.

While our beloved chickens survive, our duck population continues to fall. We believe that ALL of our male ducks have become forest snacks now…much to the dismay of the lady ducks.

Peace, love, and chicken poop!

May the Forest Be With You The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 12-01-2008

Posted December 1st, 2008

Thanksgiving came and went this week, so we have another round of thanks for ya’ll!

First, thanks goes out to all of those that made our holiday special. We had beautiful people all around us for Thanksgiving, including the parents of two of our staff, Koalini’s father and Mike Joe’s folks. Doug “Greensleeves” Porch also helped out by leading a team, cutting and collecting wood to help re-build the walls of the labyrinth. A lot of love has been thrown into the labyrinth lately, and its looking better all the time!

We’ve been joined by a lovely Belgium couple, Hannes and Karen, who are helping us out for a month. Among many other projects, they’ve recently cleaned up the flower garden, making it shine beautifully. We’ve planted more fruit trees out at the lake, and have placed onions and garlic in the garden.

Our circles of thanks have again been blessed by folks from all around the world. Belgium, Brazil, and France sent their representatives this week, horrah!

Yesterday was a day of marvelous rain, and we had a relaxing indoor day. Crafts and presents were made, scrabble lines were drawn.

The epic tale of the baby ducks has drawn to a close. Our last remaining baby, Wiki, has been taken by a raccoon. Goodbye wiki! And, once again, thanks to everyone that has thrown their effort into everything here, from the tool sheds to the labyrinth, thank you so much!

May the Forest Be With You The Hostel Staff