Weekly Update 3-25-2008

Posted March 26th, 2008

As numerous as the seas of leaves in the canopy above, so have been the reasons for celebration here at the Hostel. We had St. Patrick’s Day, the vernal equinox and the full moon, a birthday and Easter Sunday all in one week. The trees outdid us all on St. Patty’s, displaying a kaleidoscope of every shade of green on earth. This Friday was time for our monthly full moon sweatlodge ceremony, and due to the overwhelming number of guests that wanted to participate, we poured two sweats, two nights in a row, both with much success for those who were involved. On Easter Sunday we had a Hostel style banquet, complete with smoothies and chocolate cake, with the help of Blythe from Philadelphia and all the other guests who are always helping out in the kitchen. One of the guests, Nick from St. Petersburg, was foolish enough to let us know that it was his birthday, so in accordance with Hostel tradition we had no choice but to chuck him in the pool. On a side note, we will be cleaning all the green pond scum and dead things out the pool from this past season of being out of use sometime in the near future as the weather warms up.

The circle of thanks on Saturday night was one of the best ever at the Hostel, in my plebeian opinion. Instead of holding hands, we made a massage circle. Thirty-eight folks got friendly and rubbed each other in all the right ways, and a few of us were lucky enough to be standing in front of some massage therapists. The gardens got in on the lovin’ action too this week as Amanda and Lima from West Virginia weeded the herb garden and planted two basil plants and some parsley and thyme. They also added tomato, cayenne pepper and jalapeño plants to the veggie garden. “Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration,” said the late artist Lou Erickson. The gardens here serve as a constant, humble reminder that you’ve got to give love where you get love. How else could we enjoy the veggie culinary creations fit for kings that we so frequently dine on?

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 3-17-2008

Posted March 17th, 2008

While spring has been bringing us an array of fresh flora and fauna, love has been blossoming amongst the trees here at the Hostel as well. Last week we had a couple that visited us for their honeymoon, and another couple surprised everyone by eloping while they were here. The night before the wedding there was a party in the kitchen as the wedding cake was baked. Wine, beer, strawberries, and chocolate were flowing, and, no surprise at the craziness that ensues here, some dreadlocking was going on too. We had a group of young folks that rode their bicycles all the way from Tallahassee to visit the Hostel, and they joined in on the celebration and helped bake the cake and also created some great artworks that are now displayed in the kitchen. The party continued after the ceremony as the reception ran on until the wee morning hours. Cheers for love! Here’s an old wedding toast for the couple, though it could be said for me or you, “May thy life be long and happy, Thy cares and sorrows few; And the many friends around thee Prove faithful, fond and true.”

Lately we’ve had some guests stepping up and cooking some stellar diners for the whole Hostel. Chad and Marissa from Atlanta bought and cooked an amazing Italian feast one night, and Brandon and Greg from St. Augustine brought three salmon flanks to feed everyone. These folks pulled out all the stops, and all of our bellies were very grateful. And speaking of eating…

The chickens have been getting quite bold since the dome is gone and the deck is open for them to run around on. More than one breakfast has mysteriously, or more often brazenly disappeared from the plates of the guests and staff. In order to break this officious habit of theirs, we’ve bought some water guns to squirt them with when they get too close. We feed them well, but apparently they’re jealous because their oats and eggshells aren’t as gourmet as the delicious palate we partake in. There’s a new law in town, and its name is Super Soaker.

Until next time,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 3-12-2008

Posted March 11th, 2008

This week we say goodbye to Mike Joe, our itinerant gardener with the infectious laugh. Safe journeys to you, Mike Joe, and thanks for all that you’ve done here and all that you will do in this world. (If you’re even reading this, as you rarely look at the world online.) We are anticipating a new WOOFer in a few weeks to continue rocking out the garden, and in the meantime our new staffers Jonathan and Paige, from Maine, are blissing out in the sun and worshipping the dirt out there in the garden. This week has also shown an upwards shift in s’mores cooked out on the back fire. The Hostel staff encourages this trend.

March is the most intense month here at the Hostel, the greatest volume of travellers and the hardest work for the staff. If you are a licensed massage therapist with plenty of experience and a variety of modalities, we’d like to extend a trade opportunity for you to come here and massage our hardworking staffers in trade for a room in a treehouse. Please call the Hostel and speak with the manager to arrange details – this must have manager approval in order to work out for all of us.

Thanks for everything y’all travellers bring through the Hostel.

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 3-3-2008

Posted March 6th, 2008

This past week at the Hostel, the labyrinth got a little tender lovin’ care from some of the guests and staff as Emily, from Japan, led up a project to define the path of the dirt section. The helpers dug up mud from the beavers’ crossing in the duck pond, and transported it to the labyrinth where they built walls to mark the walkway. While they were building it, one piece of a wall started to crawl away. It turned out to be a little two inch long baby tortoise, whom, after being admired and photographed by the paparazzi, was relocated back to the duck pond. The labyrinth looks amazing once again, and now the chickens can’t scratch around and mess up the paths so quickly.

Speaking of baby creatures, we’ve had a lot of young children running around the forest lately. To share another quote from the kids at circle, 6 year old Eli from soon-to-be Asheville said, “I’m someone. I’m from somewhere. And I’m thankful for something. Now I’m thankful it’s my turn. And now I’m thankful it’s no longer my turn.” Ambiguous… or brilliant?

Whitney has continued her art skillshares, as many folks learned how to make Tibetan prayer flags this week, while some folks still learned how to make dreamcatchers. The next project is going to be tie dye and T-shirt altering, so start scrounging around your closets for old clothes that need a new face, or wait and get your own Hostel T-shirt and tie dye it yourself!

The annual spring spiritual retreat is coming into bloom. We’ve got a steady schedule being fleshed out, and rooms are starting to get booked. This is a great opportunity for you to come and exist and be and be at peace and BREATHE! Check out the website for details and don’t miss your chance to make reservations today before we become booked up.

Until next time…

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff