Weekly Update 4-21-2008

Posted April 22nd, 2008

This week we welcome another two staffers into the Hostel family. Carlyn from Tallahassee has come to grace the garden with her presence. Trey, former kitchen manager / compost technician / forest dweller extraordinaire, has also found his way back into the forest from Tallahassee. That makes four staffers here now who have called Tallahassee home. Keep ‘em comin’ Tally!

The secret garden has been quite the hot spot these days. With four gardeners on staff now, plus all the other helping hands that have gone into that hallowed patch of earth, it is looking just as beautiful as ever. New beds are being cleared and planted, and the spring crops are blooming. Thursday night there was a garden party under the bright moonlight. What is a garden party? you may ask. Well, take one large bowl, some forks, some dressing, maybe throw a little salmon in there on the side, get pickin’ some lettuce, and that’s what you call a garden party. We invited the spirit of Ricky Nelson to come, but he already had other plans. “You see, ya can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself,” is what was on the RSVP. If this quote is over your head, go turn on the oldies station for a little while.

We had our full moon sweat lodge on Sunday this week. Everything went well, and the sweaters all came out of it hot and happy. We are blessed to have the facilities to perform this sacred tradition, and as always thanks to Tom for leading it and all the staff who put, literally, their blood, sweat and tears into the ceremony. Aho!

Until next time,

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 4-14-2008

Posted April 14th, 2008

We welcomed two new folks onto staff and work exchange here at the Hostel this week. Zak from Miami arrived Monday to come WWOOF in the garden, and Laeo from Asheville came back Saturday to help with grounds maintenance projects. The chickens are happy to have their shaman back, and we are all happy to see an old friend and welcome a new face. On a sadder note, Jennine, our beautiful kitchen manager and garden gnome is leaving us to venture on a great North American bike adventure. We wish her the best of luck and safe travels as she is meeting with MikeJoe for the ride. She went out with style and a bang, and we will all miss her.

This past Tuedsday we had an exceptional cause for celebration. James, a former staff member and lifelong friend to the Hostel (who did the stained glass for the compost toilet and made the stained glass guitar in the common room), and his beautiful fiancee Karina changed their titles to Mr. and Mrs. in the Glass House. They had a very small, intimate ceremony, but the love and the positive vibes surrounding the event were felt larger than life. At circle of thanks on Monday, between the families of the bride and groom and the rest of the guests at the Hostel, we had four languages spoken – English, French, German and Spanish! “Every time we remember to say “thank you”, we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.” I only wish I knew the author of this quote to properly give my gratitifude for the chance to share it with you.

As the swell of spring break guests is starting to slow, the rush of spring creatures is steadily climbing. All sorts of crawling, slithering, running, skipping, flying, swimming, dancing, calling, buzzing little beings have been popping up and performing all kinds of little antics around the Hostel, all to the entertainment and wonder of the guests and staff. Step outside, step back, and take a moment…Ahhhhh spring. Doesn’t that feel nice?

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 4-01-2008

Posted April 2nd, 2008

This past weekend, we had our annual spiritual retreat. Friday evening after dinner we talked with Sky Schultz, or I should say Professor Oops, about the dark and light sides of our spiritual journeys on this cosmic floating planet. Then thanks to Rob Jacoby, we had a luminary lit labyrinth walk. Saturday morning we got up bright and early and did some yoga with Lucy Lynch from Ireland. Then we talked with Rob about love and the law of attraction, and did a breath of fire meditation that was out of this world. Afterwards, we hiked the T-trails with Tom and made our way back to his writing cabin for some tea and poetry. Saturday evening everyone got a chance to reflect and express on the day as Whitney led a Tibetan prayer flag making skillshare. Saturday night we had a bumpin’ dance party up in the common room, as DJ Rob pulled out the turntables and strobe lights and mixed up some jams.

We were all taught a lesson or two on break dancing by Max, age 8, who made sure to let us know that “Man, breakin’ it down is hard!” Sunday morning we began again with yoga with Lucy, and once we were warmed up we did some sacred dance with Shakti Rowan. The last workshop of the day was Practical Spirituality 101 with Jonna Rae, where we explored our own psychic capabilities. Eric from Savannah made a wonderful brunch for the group on both days.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and truly opened up to the experiences, and we all were left feeling a little bit lighter with the spirit of the forest. If you missed out on the fun, just remember, there’s always next year….

May The Forest Be With You…

The Hostel Staff