Weekly Update 1-26-2009

Posted January 27th, 2009

The starters planted last week have poked their baby-green heads out of the ground, coming to gestation in our garden bed-bed. More of the garden has been cleared for planting, and the last, proud sweet potatoes have been pulled from the ground. We are about to turn them into starters for the next round of planting. Creating sustainable seed-saving practices is a wonderful and bright thing for us at the hostel, and for our society in general.

Saturday we had a few workshops related to a “Know your foods” theme. Mike Joe Jones lead a edible plant walk, educating us on various wild edibles, wild medicinals, and other use for our native “weeds”. Zak stern lead a workshop, on how to make a “20,000 vegan banana bread”. The workshop dissected the various ingredients and tracked their origin, detailing the incredible distance traveled by each. After a delicious diner, we showed a movie relating to the horrors of the fast-food industry.

This coming weekend, we will be having two workshops…a candle making workshop, hosted by Chip Collard of “Campfire candles”. We will also be having a fun night of improv comedy.

Some mysterious person dropped a bunch of spare wood off on our property. Thanks whoever that was! We’ll be putting the wood to good use, instead of letting the fallen trees sit in a landfill somewhere. We also have a guest, Kathy Wolfort, who donated a bunch of food and coffee to us. Thanks guys! And old faces continue to pour in and out, helping with magical hostel-construction projects.

Our own Katie-bug has left us, headed south for new adventures. Good luck bug-face!

May the Forest Be With You The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 1-20-2009

Posted January 20th, 2009

More rain this week! Yay! Starts have been planted for the new garden, Chard, Kale, and Brocceli seedlings are being nursed to life by our gardeners. The last of the sweet potatoes are being eaten, with some being saved for the next round of planting.

A few old and new faces made an appearance in the kitchen, with a guest named Jeremy blessing us with a Cuban dish, ropa vieja (literally translated to ‘old clothes’). Andria Mikoloski donated a load of food to our kitchen, and a group of cyclists made us some delicious fruit bread. And a guest from Asheville, Kristen Ray, gave us some wonderful fair trade coffee. Thanks all!

Lots of old family faces have made an appearance this week, throwing a lot of energy into the projects that are going on. And each day, they’ve been joined by passersby-s, willing to gift us with their help as well. In addition to their help, they brought with them some happy energy and fun music for the fireside at night. One project that has been completed is the relaying of the path by the showers, after the rotting wood underneath was unearthed and replaced by wonderful donated flagstones.

We’ve finalized some plans for this coming weekend, check out the events

May the Forest Be With You The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 1-12-2009

Posted January 12th, 2009

Temperatures continue to fluctuate here, as we’ve seen highs in the 80s and lows in the 30s. Our gardens are as confused by this as we people are, but are surviving and growing. Yesterday brought us rain, nourishing the confused sprouts. We also hosted our moonly-sweat lodge yesterday, which had an early start due to the impeding storm.

Horse manure has been gathered and spread over the last open garden beds. We’re all ready for the next round of planting, and patiently watching what we have in the ground grow!

A crew has appeared to begin the rebuilding of the library dome, which breeds much excitement.

We’ve also begun planning some new rounds of workshops. Some upcoming events have been added to the website, check them out!

May the Forest Be With You The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 1-5-2009

Posted January 5th, 2009

“Happy Holidays to all of you out there!

We celebrated Christmas eve by meeting up at Tom’s house and joining him for a fine, well-prepared feast. Afterwards, we took the streets, caroling with all of our might. Another wonderful round of star-gazing was made possible by telescopes from our Japanese friends.

Then a week of relative calm followed, with staff coming and going. Several smaller, long-worked on projects were completed, including the construction of a fan-blade flower in the garden and shower-house wall repair.

Then came the coming of the new years, rung in with a massive celebration. The deck of the old library was pulled out, with a large christmas-tree fire placed in center of it. We danced and drummed around it, welcoming in the new year. Champagne was opened, fancy dressed were pulled from good will, and smiles widened. Several false countdowns prompted laughter and many rounds of new-years smooches. The labyrinth was lit up with tea lights, creating a beautiful glowing art piece to play in.

With so may marvelous friends and family around, fun was had everywhere. Large games of telephone pictionary filled the common room, as did a dance party. Drums were played at the out-back firepit and poetry was read. We had a few improptu sweat lodges, including one lead by a guest, Eric Kasynski. We have another sweat coming up, on the 11th, and spots are filling up for it. Make sure to call soon if you’re interested in attending!

The garden is starting to produce winter-salad greens. Radishes are being pulled regularly, and the sweet potatoes are still rolling out. New seeds are being ordered for the next rounds of planting, and plans are being crafted.

Things are beginning to fall “back to normal” as they say, after a week of giagantic circles of thanks. Oddly, normal seems to include record high temperatures. Its currently sunny and warm, with folks chilling at the lake and mosquitoes forgetting that its winter.

Thanks again for all the fun times and help you all have offered us in this week of celebration!

May the Forest Be With You The Hostel Staff