Weekly Update 6-17-2009

Posted June 17th, 2009

It’s been a week of music here at the Hostel, with drum circles every evening as though we have been celebrating. But celebrating what? Well today that question was answered. One of the favored chickens, Milly had disappeared into the forest a few weeks ago. A few times she returned for food, but just for a moment and then again disappeared. Well today we understood where she had been and the reason the forest called for much celebration through the beat of the drum. Tough, brave, and mysterious Milly birthed four chicks and returned to the hen house today to show off her beautiful babies. They are being kept safe in the top coop. Recently many of the hens have been refusing to lay eggs in the hen house. We have learned that taking all of their eggs trigger them to hide them, thus protecting them from their predators, us. They may also be bothered by the fact that so many people on a daily bases go into the coop hunting.  So for the time being we have dedicated one staff member to be in charge of collecting in the morning.

The washing machine has been replaced, railings erected and stairs repaired. Much maintenance has happened this week, thanks to all who has lend a helping hand.  Many thanks to the wonderful yoga teachers who passed through offering morning classes and the many visiting chefs who gave the staff a  break in the kitchen this past week. 

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff

Weekly Update 06-06-2008

Posted June 6th, 2009

For many staff members here at the Hostel, this week has felt as though it was the longest week we have ever experienced, yet a beautiful one. It has been a week of transition with the departure of 6 staff members, a change over in management, and the welcoming and bonding of a new staff. It has also been a week of jubilation, celebrating love, life, commitment, new beginnings, acquired family, and the birth of many special Geminis. In addition, we were blessed with the shared knowledge of many teachers this week. A special thanks to Diane for teaching morning and evening yoga classes during her stay, Tau and Monica for their daily Tai Chi classes and an incredible inspirational talk on learned optimism and fortitude, Lisa for offering Reiki sessions to all who were inspired, Noelle for her knowledge of carpentry, Tom from Orlando thank you for solving the mystery of the depletion of chicken eggs, and Adam for his knowledge on living roofs. Also a special thanks for the wonderful gifts this week, which included many wonderful herbs for our ever growing herb garden.

The gardens are thriving with all of the rain that the past few weeks have brought, as are the weeds and mosquitoes. Chris has completed the construction of a new and improved chicken tractor with the intention of keeping the weeds and pesky insects to a minimum so our veggies can flourish. The corn is knee high and the pole beans are reaching for the clouds which has brought about creative solutions for harvesting. We are still battling the squash bugs, patiently waiting for the marigolds and nasturtiums to burst through the earth’s crust, sending these persistent bugs on their way. The jasmine has finished it’s blooming, but the forest has been blessed with yet another heavenly scent, the amazingly fragrant gardenia.

The mornings have grown a bit noisier here in the forest with the dawning of a new generation of roosters. Two of the four new fellas have been practicing their crow, thus provoking Frank and Dank to flaunt perfection. With that being said, does anyone need a rooster? We need to decrease the number of males before their egos kick in and we have ourselves a blood bath. If anyone is interested in having one of these beautiful alarm clocks joining their family please give us a call.
 A most unfortunate event has happened on this very busy week, the failure of our washing machine. We are in the process of bringing it back to health, but in the meantime ask that you bring your own sheets and towels thus reducing our trips to the laundry mat.

Lastly we are all looking forward to ending this incredibly eventful week with one of our treasured full moon sweats. We will begin taking reservations for July’s sweat, this Monday, if you are interested in attending,please be aware that they fill up quickly so it is best to make your reservation early.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff