Hostel News 02/24/2011

Posted February 24th, 2011

So Spring is in the air people, get outside. The energy that has begun to permeate the forest is tangible. The days are getting longer and the sun higher. Blooms of flowers are bursting all around. Inspiring visitors have been traveling through in greater frequency. The lake has even warmed a little.

Our gardening activities have begun to shift towards the new season as well. Many of the beds have been upturned and replanted with scarlett runner and pole beans, rutabaga and potatoes. Our worm compost has started to squirm with the addition of a couple thousand red wigglers. Plus, Scotty Karas from Asheville, NC has decided to share his gardening skills with us for a solid month to help make the transition. Between he and Lauren, we will have food in abundance come April. Thanks also go out to Mikey at SowTrue Seeds for their recent donation.

Freddy Alexander has also come on board to help transform the shower by the lake into a private bathhouse. We also took advantage of the opportunity of a huge long leaf pine falling on the boardwalk to reroute it a little. The tree was sent to the sawmill to be cut into boards to make bookshelves in the new dome.

Another plus of the weather beginning to warm is yoga in the glasshouse. Thanks to our other newest staff member, Bela Watson, we have been enjoying daily yoga classes.

The new dome has also enjoyed some progress. The exterior has been completed, the lights are fully finished and the doors are freshly oiled, windowed and screened. Every step we take towards getting this building finished feels like a step into a future full of potential.

We recently had a visit from the Topsy-Turvy School Bus Tour. This thing was tremendous. You can see how it was made here. The bus was crazy, but the tour and the people were genuine and very informative. Thank you to those folks for carrying the message of sustainability and positivity everywhere they go.

The kitchen, as usual, has stayed very active and has been utilizing the abundant amounts of arugula from the garden to make the nicest salads, soups and pestos around. We’ve decided to start making yogurt too. The musical experiences at the hostel are always surprising and the drum circle/tribal chorus we had in the kitchen recently was no different. Just awesome.

Well thanks for tuning in everyone. Keep up the good work and keep an eye on our website for upcoming workshops. They are going to be educational, transformational and most importantly, fun!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff