Hostel News 4/25/2011

Posted April 25th, 2011

Acroyoga on the front porch. Bounty of grapefruits thanks to Conrad and Chris from the Pirate Haus in St. Augustine. Carrots, carrots, carrots, and…. care its? Dust-be-gone from the screen porch. Ethnobotany Extravaganza with Mycol Stevens. Fancy Firespinning Fridays!!!! Garden bursting at the seams with greens, chard, beets, snow and snap peas. Hammers harmonizing with woodpeckers. Intoxicating scents of honeysuckle and jasmine throughout the forest. James from Maine dropped in and did some much needed repairs to the decking around the glass house. K for kiss the cooks. Love, so much, and more each day. Mountains of freshly screen printed wraps, shirts, and dresses. New grape arbor in the garden. Outdoor kitchen festivities, providing us with cakes, honey roasted nuts, stuffed breads, and tasty tasties. Pools clean and green! Quirks and quasars still circling the celestial realms. Ravenous late night ice cream parties. Spontaneous kitchen percussion projects. Tango lessons from Carlyn. Unicorns reflecting moonlight off their horns, illuminating the forest. Vermacompost fertilizing the tomatoes. Waters warming in the lake. Xceeding abundance in every aspect. You are beautiful. Zen hammock time.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff

Forest Update

Posted April 8th, 2011

My name is Ryan Ian and I am from Here. Today I am grateful for the dream we all share that has materialized into this place.

The past month has been full of activity. We’ve had a wilderness survival skills workshop that was well attended and even more well received. In it we learned not just some basic techniques to keep ourselves comfortable in the woods, but more importantly, that with the right knowledge we can walk the Earth as if it were our own backyard. Thanks to Colbert and Heather for imparting such a life changing conception of our modern relationship with the world around us.

We’ve also had a Living Medicine workshop that brought a wide range of participants to focus on the holistic aspects of plants and their relationship to our health. The information shared by Fox and Sarah Ann was transformational. The recognition that our health is squarely in our hands and that nature holds every remedy we may ever need is invaluable.

About 20-30 shitake mushroom logs are set up on the path to the garden thanks to the efforts of some helpful guests during our day long mushroom inoculation workshop. With proper care we should be harvesting hundreds of yummy shitake mushrooms in about 10-12 months. Once in full fruit these logs can continue to produce for at least three years.

The cob oven recently received some love from a trio of ladies from Asheville. They built a door, fired it up and along with some magic from the Soul Kitchen produced some of the finest bread and pizza that has ever graced my taste buds. We would also like to thank them for their amazing a capella skills and the candle lit performance from the dock in the middle of the lake.

More projects have been moving along each day and the place is looking cleaner and more organized than it has in years. We now have a fully transformed shed with the attached slogan, “Keep the Hidey Hole a Tidey Hole.” The bike barn is up and running with a plethora of bikes available for riding our paths and trails. Our screen printing operations have come back into full swing and a new gift shop has opened up in the dome with all sorts of goodies for guests to take home to remember their Hostel experience. The new dome is moving along as well. We now have five finely crafted window sashes to close the top and 730 square feet of beautiful heart pine reclaimed from a 19th century tobacco barn to lay the floor. A huge thanks goes out to Jim and Robbin Williams at Unique Building Supplies for their generosity in helping us realize this vision.

The gardens also deserve a mention as so much hard work has gone into creating such inviting spaces there. Vegetables are growing faster than we can eat them. The herb garden is fully planted and the flower garden seems as if it were about to explode with life. We even repurposed another old canoe to plant some fast growing mint out by the lake. A new grape arbor was also completed that should be dropping grapes on our heads by next year.

And now for some nostalgia…..

I have been living in this forest for many months now and feel blessed for the opportunity. I have said from the beginning that every minute I spend here is an investment into the future that I want to see in the world. This place has taught me and many others how to live sustainably. Not just in my every day connection to my environment, but also the connections I have with my community and my self. The relationships that one can build here are life long and the lessons life altering. I am leaving now because the Hostel is not a permanent home, but rather a lighthouse that beacons all travelers on the path and guides them to the revolution of self-reliance and loving interaction that has been developing in this country for many years. I was blessed to be a keeper of the flame for a short time, but now I must go and share this intention with others and carry this light out into the world. I want to sincerely thank everyone who has played a role in my stay here especially the Hostel Board and the friends that lived here during this time. I also want to thank every guest that comes and continues to come because without your bright eyes and willing efforts this place would not be fulfilled. Thank you, I love you, I am another you.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff