Forest Update 06/27/11

Posted June 27th, 2011

On Sunday, June 19th, just past midnight in true hostel fashion, the installation of our windows in what will be the new library began. Three guests, along with myself and Freddy, in our excitement stayed up all night and intimately raised and bolted in the corners, then set each window into place. The last one went in just after the sun came up, as surprised guests and staff began heading to the kitchen for breakfast. They are breathtakingly beautiful in their simplicity, and thanks to Freddy’s vision will continue to protect our library and teaching space for decades to come, and provide inspiration to all who meander up our driveway.

Also this past week, Frank put the final touches on the new bathhouse, gifting us with a wonderful new space to bathe without the company of others walking to the lake. The last ten days or so have been insanely productive, as staff and guests have truly been feeding off each others energy. The garden was given an immense amount of love, and is providing us with greens, tomatoes, and mountains of squash for our dinners each night.

Some exciting news to share with you all, on Friday we switched over all our refrigeration, and our new set up will reduce our refrigerator’s electrical consumption by 80%! Details here. Also, our Hostel Tree House Blend Coffee, in all her glory has been providing all who come here with rich, delicious fair trade coffee throughout the day, and bags are heading home with them at an outstanding rate.

But wait, there’s more. Here in the forest, we’re provided such an opportunity to share, learn, and grow both with and from one another. In order to nurture that growth, and to enhance the educational focus that is the day to day at the hostel, we’ve added a skill share board in the living room, with the hopes that our guests will offer their knowledge, skills, and interests with others here, and to ensure we continue to provide a space to teach each other, for everyone’s benefit, and expand outward always.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff