Forest Update 6/14/2012

Posted June 16th, 2012

The winds of change are blowing at the hostel as summer slowly creeps in. We have been blessed with over two weeks of much needed rain and storms, quenching the thirst of both the garden and the lake. These frequent storms not only brought us humidity and mosquitoes, but also a fresh staff crew to celebrate summer in the forest. We said goodbye to Heather, our resident artist and fairy, as well as Matthew, our gypsy-hearted train hopper. Matthew and Heather truly radiated the spirit of the forest from their fingers to their toes. Every time we say “Aho” we remember the glowing energy and genuine enthusiasm they brought to us. With this goodbye comes a warm welcome to Chopp, our laundry wizard and dancing forest florist, Daniel, our hola-hooping housekeeper, Peter, our gentle green thumb, and Juan, our djembe playing resident artist.

During the month of May, we kicked the summer off with an amazing event, From Surviving to Thriving. The event was taught by long time friends of the hostel, Chuck and Wren. During this primitive skills workshop, we learned how to make rope, ferment vegetables, build fires, and identify plants. The highlights of the event included a 6am bird call identification with Wren and late night campfire story sharing.

The Sound Healing Retreat was the perfect way to introduce new staff to the space, with digeradoo and live drawing performances in the glass house by Matthew and his partner Chelsea. Josh and David came up from Orlando to add to the event by leading a magical crystal bowl meditation to follow the show. All who attended the retreat left the hostel replenished and glowing.

The garden, now hydrated and happy, is providing us with a bounty of squash, zucchini, okra, green beans, cucumber, and tomatoes which we use for the nightly hostel dinners. Thanks to a previous staff member, Jerome, the hostel is filling up on antioxidants with our daily blueberry harvests from our beautiful patch. On a good day, we take in a few gallons of blueberries! Tea Time with Tom has made a recent comeback, with the beloved man who started the hostel in 1975, Tom Dennard. For two weekends so far this summer, Tom has shared stories of the vibrant history of the hostel and served tea back at this forest writing studio. We are all so delighted to receive the warmth and love that Tome brings with him each time he pays a visit to the forest.

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