Forest Update March 2013

Posted March 23rd, 2013

Rain is falling gentle and steady in the forest today, the puddles reflecting the riot of green that has emerged in the canopy over the past few weeks. An unseasonably cool March has led to warm fires at night and good work during the day. The last two weeks, our major focus has been on the revitalization of the area around the pool. Frank and Daniel, two incredibly talented carpenters and artists, have led the charge. A deck constructed from local Cyprus wood is in place and has already soaked up the energy of dancing and conversation. Our goal is to reach completion in time for the hostelers arriving in late spring to be able to escape the South Georgia heat with a refreshing cold dip in the water.

The planting for the summer vegetable garden is proceeding apace, and new flowers are reaching for the sun in the flower garden. The hostel bees have been working hard as well. The first honey of the year was collected last week and a new super was added to the hive in preparation for the coming season. Spring seems to have also effected the chickens, leading to a population explosion. As many of you know, the Forest Chickens are a wily lot, and three cleverly hidden clutches of eggs have given us a score of new recruits. Tiny chicks wander the land, learning the art of vigorously scratching the ground and hiding in their mother hens’ feathers. Just last week, the chickens received a letter in the mail from a chicken colony in New Orleans. They do have quite a following you know!

Spring break has brought a host of quiet, calm, and engaged students from universities around the country. We’ve also had a consistent stream of international hostelers moving through. In the last month guests from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Columbia, Venezuela, Israel, Norway, Australia, and Canada have joined us at circle.

All in all, the Forest feels joyful and vibrant. Nature’s abundance is evident in the fresh greens we’re serving at dinner and the laughter around the table as we eat. We hear it in the emerging chorus of insects and birds during our moments of silence. Its scent rises from the rain-wet forest floor. The abundance of knowledge is, as always present, currently in the form of a fully-booked Survive to Thrive primitive skills workshop this coming weekend and the Permaculture weekend at the end of April. We’re still dancing in the Soul Kitchen and laughing on the front porch, still creating art and doing our part to the make the world a better place.

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff