Welcome to the Hostel in the Forest

The Hostel is a membership organization, please browse through our website before calling us to make a reservation. If you have further questions, we would be happy to answer them over the phone any day between 10am and 6pm, 912-264-9738. We can not accept reservations, cancellations or provide availability by email. If you have a reservation PLEASE check in no later than 7pm


We are always looking for skilled instructors willing to share their knowledge on a variety of subjects that support our vision. If you have some ideas or suggestions, or would like give a suitable presentation or workshop, please contact us..

If you are interested in working at the Hostel please review the applications page.*

Our Vision

The world would be a much healthier and better place if all its inhabitants advocated sustainability instead of unlimited growth. Rather than trying to control nature and use it as a resource for development, we should revere it, respect it, and work with it. The Hostel in the Forest is taking steps to manifest this vision. We see that nature’s creatures, including humans, animals, birds and insects share the same land in a unique manner. Inspired by the creativity found in the natural environment, we have transformed our ideas into actions by having an organic vegetable garden used in our dinners each night, recycling our wastes, having a cutting-edge gray-water system, watering plants with a solar powered irrigation system, and using a worm box that composts our table scraps into fertilizer for the garden. Hostel members sleep in tree houses, hike the T-trails through the 133 acre forest, swim and paddle canoes in the lake, take part in the healing process of walking our labyrinth, participate in the sweat lodges held on the nights of the full moon, eat a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal each night, and attend the many educational retreats and lectures designed to teach us how to move toward a wholesome and more sustainable future. We invite you to visit us and be a part of our work in progress; even participate in helping us with our projects, if you so desire. If you are financially able to do so, we would also be most appreciative of any gifts to our 501 C 3 tax-deductible organization in order to encourage and further our goals.


Latest News and Events

Three-day, two-night event $150 + membership (non member)

Prepare yourself for success in ways you didn’t know you were able! In this event we aim to facilitate the changes in one’s relationship with money; provide information about earning, keeping travel and lifestyle costs low, resources for travelers on a tight budget and teach income earning skills like internet writing, wire wrapping and antiquing. We will provide speakers, instructors, brunch and dinner. You bring your sponge-like brain and get ready to be inspired!

Friday September 9th- Sunday September 11th Heal the Healer

Three-day, two-night event $150 Membership included

Come receive healing from healers and instructors of many modalities. A weekend of rejuvenation to allow your body’s natural ability to heal come into alignment. Learn how to heal yourself and others with Reiki levels I, II & III. Reiki sessions, discussions and techniques for continuing education. Massages, Yoga, Intuitive art, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Energy clearing and building, and much more! Let your mind be carried away to the sweet sounds of Crystal Bowls and a guided, intuited meditation. Chair Massages by donation. Table Massage will be an additional fee.

Friday September 30th- October 2nd Goddess in the Forest

Three-day, two-night event All registrations are non-refundable after September 1st.

Early Registration ~ $189 until August 1st $250 after August 1st

Pay by contacting Cheryl @ 407-625-9719 or at thecrystalhealingspa@gmail.com

A sacred energy retreat for women. A separate Hostel in the Forest reservation must be made by September 28th by calling 912-264-9738

Women’s rituals, retreats, and gatherings help us to reclaim our birthright- Our power, our intuition, and our bodies. The general purpose is to Empower women to connect with themselves and their sisters in a deeper, fuller way. If you are craving a weekend of exploration, rejuvenation, and celebration then you will want to join Cheryl and Erica as they hold sacred space for you to create a stronger connection with yourself, the earth, and other women. You will be participating in energetic and creative activities, meditations, and so much more that will help you to reconnect to the most sacred part of you.

Event Price includes:
-3 days, 2 nights at Hostel in the Forest
-Brunch and dinner(vegetarian or vegan)
-sound healing
-energetic crafts that are yours to take home
-time to explore, relax
-medicine songs and song circles
And so much more!

Thursday November 3rd-15th Permaculture Design Course

Two-week course $300 deposit reserves your space and an early bird price of just $1000! ($1200 after September 2016)


A separate Hostel in the Forest reservation must be made by November 1st by calling 912-264-9738

Do you wonder what it’s like to pick your own berries, make natural medicines and eat nutrient dense foods from the earth? Wonder no more! You can make this dream a reality by taking a Permaculture Design Course at the Hostel in the Forest!

This dream has emerged in a very special place over the last few decades in the southeastern coast of Georgia. This magical forest has allowed for thousands of visitors from across the world to explore a deeper connection to nature. In a Permaculture Course like this, you will learn from experience and practical knowledge how to create a sustainable place of your own.

A Permaculture Design Course is a life changing experience filled with fun, inspiration and empowerment. Come and share 13 fascinating days living amongst the trees, beautiful people and becoming a designer of life! You will learn about the many facets of living in harmony with the earth.

This includes:
– Natural building – Alternative Energy
- Nutrient Cycling – Community Development
- Soil Restoration – Water Catchment
- Food Sovereignty …. and a whole lot more!


You will receive an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate for completing the 72hr PDC.

- Hands on activities developing sustainable systems
- Staying at the Hostel and learning from experts in the field
- Exploring geodesic dome developments, swimming in a pristine spring fed lake.
- Visiting the beach and beautiful nature preserves
- Guest Teachers that are experts on plants, alternative energy, natural building, soil development, water management and community development.
- 40 dynamic and fun classes on permaculture design
- A Permaculture Design Certificate once completed
- Making new connections/friends that are aligned with your values and will support you in your endeavors

Summer Update

Posted August 4th, 2016

A joyous summer is upon us! South Georgia can be quite hot and muggy but the generous canopy does its best to shelter us from the bright sun during the dog days of summer.

All are welcome to lounge about our new, beautiful pool deck and swing, tarzan style, into the chilly pool water. Sunbathing atop our new, eco friendly floating dock is encouraged, allow yourself to be kissed by the sun! The sound of epic drum solos from our magically acoustic library are the soundtrack to our recently reconstructed forestscape.

We have raised the roof on the Narnia building and deconstructed others in the surrounding space so as to appreciate the interesting shape of the domes. A new loo allows forest folk to poo with a view. The current crew of jovial hoodies are serving the hostel with daily beautification and upgrades, like Jonah prepping the garden for our fall crop planting, Ryan building said floating dock and Frank completing Narnia that many hands have helped to dip shakes that act as a sturdy covering against the elements.

Early each morning our proud and noble top cock, Pico, sweetly converses with the goldie hens, a silent and still beak to cheek foul communication! He protects and provides for our 25 hens who find peculiar places to roost such as on the liveroof, in reorganized flower pots and even hut porches! Do not disturb for a great pecking could befall you! Our second generation of hostel mixed breed chicks coming into adulthood are learning to peck, scratch and beg for food. They know that plates + humans = food so it is advised that you watch your sandwiches closely! They are mostly trained to drink from our water glass when offered, their open-beaked panting will clue you into their needs.

We must get back now to chopping wood for WINTER IS COMING!

May the Forest Be With You

The Hostel Staff